First, be aware that your browser leaks data

When you visit any site on the web, your browser sends out information. For instance, your browser just sent the following information.

IP address (, United States)
Browser agent
CCBot/2.0 (
Language preferences

This data can be used to provide a better user experience (e.g. weather sites automatically selecting your location). It can also be used to aggregate data about user trends (e.g. which language translations should get priority). Every site you visit gets this information with every request you make.

Third-party services

Most modern websites make use of third-party services for analytics or additional front-end functionality. Modern Ballots makes use of the following services.

These sites also recieve the information mentioned above. You're free to block any or all of these as you'd like. Read more on host blocking; It's worthwhile knowledge.

Data you explicitly provide

When you create an election on this site, you provide a description, a list of candidates, and some options. They're stored in the database and are associated with your user account.

When you vote in an election, two entries are made: one that ties your preferences to the election, and one that ties your user account to the election. However, no connection is made between your ballot and your account.

Registration requires an email address, which is used only to fulfil password reset requests and to provide avatars in comment threads.


This site isn't built to monetize user data and I have every intention to keep it that way. That being said, you should always be aware of the data you actively provide to websites and the data your browser automatically provides.