While expansion continues to the east, our development has suffered from stagnation due to lack of focus. Three large movements disagree with each other in equal intensity, preventing the completion of any research. Chief Pulchria summoned their representatives to lay out their exact intentions, and how far they have gone in their endeavours.

There is only enough infrastructure and manpower to invest in one of these branches for this generation:

The peoples of the north claim that the encouragement of a controlled symbiotic relationship between plants and bees will allow us to grow food in these more arid lands. They intend to create orchards to boost the production of food and prevent less fertile lands from being completely at the mercy of the more complex climates present in these areas.

The peoples of the central lands insist on investing in inner contemplation and the expression of our culture in sound and movement. They have come up with a diverse set of sounds and movements they call music and dance, which they call the culture of the Netizen folk. Both those invested in religion and culture praise this as a strengthening of both our identity and our relation to the spirits of the world.

The peoples of the south have encountered several interesting materials in mountain caves, which they need to extract. They are creating prototypes for tools to be used in such an activity, but claim to need more manpower for both the experimentation and the implementation of the practice. Their argument is that new materials will open new possibilities for tools.

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Strengthen our base: Communication with the spirits of the world.

Full speed ahead: Tool building

Strengthen our base: Fungi and their properties

Full speed ahead: Enhance food production

Strengthen our base: Sound and Body movement

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