Quick tallies are a better way of doing voting by a show of hands.

Sometimes a group doesn't have time for ballots, but they still need to reach a collective decision. The most common-place solution is a hands-up tally: asking "how many prefer X?", "how many prefer Y?", and so on. Unfortunately, this approach is subject to all the same flaws that balloted first-past-the-post elections are.

This quick tallying tool produces a better result, just like the balloted elections on this site. It will walk you through a series of one-on-one comparisons. Think of it like a hockey tournament; The winning team just needs to beat all the others.

The downside to any ballotless approach is that your voters are subject to peer pressure and other potential forms of coercion. Further, there's no way to produce a proportional set of two or more winners without ballots; Any runners up are strictly non-proportional.

With that in mind, click the button below and begin asking your questions.


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