This is the online ballot which will decide the officers for the 1st Year of the McCallie Chapter of The Future Business Leaders of America. Please do not vote based on friendships, but yet based on merit, ability, and responses to the assigned questions. This poll is for the McCallie FBLA Vice President.

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Nicholas Burtner

Harrison Stuart: I believe that I deserve this position because I have shown my leadership skills multiple times in the past. At my previous school, I was awarded the Tex Hill Scholarship, an award for “outstanding young men who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, citizenship ... and who demonstrate the potential to become leaders in the school community,” and I demonstrated this leadership potential by leading a company of fifty­ five boys to win four of the five awards given at graduation. I have also had the honor to receive McCallie’s Trustee’s Scholarship, a four ­year scholarship for young men with “strong character, personal integrity, leadership potential and academic excellence.” In this first year, I would like to help this new chapter grow and develop so that it is a well ­respected, well ­known, and competitive organization. If elected to this position, I would like to leave the McCallie FBLA chapter, the McCallie community, and Chattanooga better because I had been a part of the chapter.

Ryan Huynh: I promise to bring my innovative leadership qualities, responsibility, integrity, charisma and most importantly my 200% effort and dedication towards the position of FBLA Vice President, Secretary or Community Service Chair. I believe that the first goal of the McCallie FBLA chapter should be to come together as a group and get to know each other; developing a bond between us will set up a great framework for the future ahead of this organization. I believe that I have the ability to assist the McCallie FBLA chapter push hard towards whatever the goal ahead of us is, while also maintaining a fun and engaging environment which is a vital component of success. I would love to become an FBLA officer not only because of the countless opportunities it will present for me to further improve my leadership and other valuable skills, but also because I love working with others and I will really enjoy helping to lead the FBLA organization. As an FBLA officer, I will strive to positively change my peers around me, push forward FBLA as a prominent organization at McCallie, and better myself as a leader and friend.

Bob Moore: I am a diligent worker who is not afraid to make a phone call and be told "No." Not only will I sacrifice hours of my own time for the club, but I will also be willing to renounce my own success for that of my organization. I am rather "old-school" and methodical, so I can contribute structure to the meetings, but I will not act like the fun-hating teacher every person had during grammar school. I would like to make the school more service oriented; a senior here once told me, "A school full of teenage boys, who mostly pay 20 to 40 grand each year to attend, will never care about service." I believe that statement is true for the present, but can be disproven with a small, congregated effort.

Ben Brock: I think that I could be president because I feel like I could be a great leader. I haven't really ever been the chance to be a leader and I feel like I could be a good one. I think that this could be a good opportunity for me and I think it would be very fun. I would love to be a leader for something like this. If not, I would love to see who becomes president because I know they will be a great one

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