Dear PVS community

The Board and the Principal have been working together to develop a small set of values that best represent the behaviours that PVS and its staff, Board and community members will demonstrate in their actions and decision-making.

We currently have fourteen values (nine primary and five secondary) and I haven't yet found a person (parents, staff and Board members alike) who can remember all of them.

I have strong expectations that all Board members uphold and demonstrate the School's values in their actions and decisions. I similarly expect that the School and the community to be similarly guided. This is difficult to do when they are not on the top of our minds and cannot be recalled easily.

I am asking, therefore, that the community provide its feedback on the short-listed values below. These are a combination of many of the existing values along with others that Board members and the School have identified as exemplifying the best of PVS. The aim is for the school to have four or five strong values that capture all we strive to be and should be able to be recalled by all staff, Board members, students and parents.

The five proposed values will be presented to the community for their consideration as part of the 2016-19 Strategic Plan, which will should be available to you in its draft, proposed form by June of this year. Please note that just because the school has a set of primary values does not mean that the school will not continue to teach and instill other values in our children, just that these will come under the umbrella of our core values.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at or call or text me on 04 2063 0071.

Kind regards Andrew Sullivan, Board Chair

Note: although this website allows it, please do not vote more than once per parent/caregiver - I am relying on you and others to act with integrity (or honesty, or respect, or trust - as you can see, there are many ways to describe the same thing!).

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