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Direct democracy - vote on issues not representatives

Tax and restrict fossil fuels (and ban them by 2050)

Increase energy efficiency such as by weatherizing houses and improving products

Replace the military with an reserve peacekeeping force on call only for territorial invasion armed with body armor and non-lethal weapons like tazers and mace (no guns)

Replace prisons with therapy, community involvement, and job placement

Cut cost of Utility Bills to near zero

Develop community gardens with organic permaculture

Create new progressive tax brackets to tax the rich (top tax bracket of 99% for the super rich instead of 39.6%)

Expand Food Stamp (EBT) programs to cover all human needs for all

Cut cost of Public Transit to near zero

Replace police with peaceful mediators trained in conflict resolution and Aikido with non-lethal weapons like mace and tazers as a last resort (no guns)

Ban GMOs

Ban pesticides and other poisons

Green New Deal: Create millions of new living wage jobs to develop green energy and meet human needs. (Same way the Works Progress Administration did during the New Deal.)

Apply sales tax to Wall Street (securities sales tax)

Medicare For All (Single Payer)

Student debt forgiveness

Develop Wind, Water, Solar energy for all purposes

Gamified, Voluntary Schools (Quest to Learn, Free Schools)

No-cost education (all the way through one Ph.D.)

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