Rank these issues in order of importance to you.

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  • Expand Food Stamp (EBT) programs to cover all human needs for all

  • Increase energy efficiency such as by weatherizing houses and improving products

  • Cut cost of Utility Bills to near zero

  • Develop Wind, Water, Solar energy for all purposes

  • Create new progressive tax brackets to tax the rich (top tax bracket of 99% for the super rich instead of 39.6%)

  • Ban GMOs

  • No-cost education (all the way through one Ph.D.)

  • Tax and restrict fossil fuels (and ban them by 2050)

  • Develop community gardens with organic permaculture

  • Medicare For All (Single Payer)

  • Cut cost of Public Transit to near zero

  • Replace prisons with therapy, community involvement, and job placement

  • Gamified, Voluntary Schools (Quest to Learn, Free Schools)

  • Ban pesticides and other poisons

  • Apply sales tax to Wall Street (securities sales tax)

  • Direct democracy - vote on issues not representatives

  • Replace police with peaceful mediators trained in conflict resolution and Aikido with non-lethal weapons like mace and tazers as a last resort (no guns)

  • Replace the military with an reserve peacekeeping force on call only for territorial invasion armed with body armor and non-lethal weapons like tazers and mace (no guns)

  • Green New Deal: Create millions of new living wage jobs to develop green energy and meet human needs. (Same way the Works Progress Administration did during the New Deal.)

  • Student debt forgiveness

  • Write-in candidates

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