Hypothetical 2019 STV General election UK.

Just a hypothetical to find out what the results would be in an STV general election in the UK. 

Voting is simple, put a 1 next to your preferred candidate, and 2 next to your 2nd most preferred candidate and so on, stop when you either dislike all remaining candidates or there are none left. 

Please only vote for the SNP if you actually vote in Scotland, please only vote for Plaid cymru if you actually vote in Wales and please only vote for Sinn Fein or the DUP if you actually vote in Northern Ireland. 

Happy voting.

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The Republican Party

The Socialist Workers Party

The Official monster raving looney Party

The Conservatives

The Democratic Unionist Party

The Labour Party

The British National Party

The Communist Party of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (Marxist/Leninist)

Plaid Cymru


The Scottish National Party

The Libertarian Party

The none of the above Party

The Liberal Democrats

The Green Party

The Pirate Party


Sinn Fein


The Save our NHS Party

If you think a reasonable candidate is missing, provide it below and rate it.